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Reading Group and Research Seminar

Wednesdays from 15:15 to 16:05 online on Teams

This page contains information and the schedule for the Bath Visual Computing reading group and research seminar. Most weeks, two students will give two different types of presentation:

Reading Group

A short presentation (~10 minutes) and group discussion (~10 minutes) of a usually recent research paper that is relevant to a student’s research and of more general interest to the wider group. This can also be a quick survey of a field, e.g. based on your confirmation report. You can prepare slides, if you like, or present using an existing video and the paper.

Preparation: Please send the title of your chosen paper and a link to the project or paper to the organiser the week before your presentation. The idea is to allow others to look at the paper prior to the reading group on Wednesday.

Research Seminar

This is a short presentation (~10 minutes) on a student’s current work in progress, including the motivation and goal of the project, as well as a discussion of current issues and next steps, followed by questions and answers from the group (~10 minutes).

Ground rules
  1. Timeslots were allocated randomly with manual tweaks to ensure at least 4 weeks between presentations by the same person.
  2. If a time is inconvenient for whatever reason, please find someone to swap with, who agrees to swap. Notify the organiser about the swap via email, ccing the other presenter.

Schedule for 2022

Date Reading Group Research Seminar
4 May 2022 Jundan Luo:
Masked Autoencoders Are Scalable Vision Learners [He et al., arXiv 2021]
Manuel Rey Area:
3D photography from a single 360° image
11 May 2022 Alex Taylor:
Generating Diverse High-Fidelity Images with VQ-VAE-2 [Razavi et al., Neurips 2019]
Ningchao Wang:
3D shape generation
18 May 2022 Avery Huang:
Computational Design of Weingarten Surfaces [Pellis et al., TOG 2021]
Oscar Bryan:
Using Multi-view Sonar for Self-supervised Machine Learning
25 May 2022 -- --
1 Jun 2022 -- --
8 Jun 2022 George Fletcher:
Skeleton-Aware Networks for Deep Motion Retargeting [Aberman et al., SIGGRAPH 2020]
Qi Zhang:
online SLAM system with dynamic objects
15 Jun 2022 Jake Deane:
Synthetic Humans for Action Recognition from Unseen Viewpoints [Varol et al., IJCV 2021]
22 Jun 2022 -- Will Kerr:
Autonomous Filming Systems: Towards Empathetic Imitation
29 Jun 2022 Joe Goodier:
NVAE: A Deep Hierarchical Variational Autoencoder [Vahdat et al., arXiv 2021]
Xiaochang Liu:
Object-based style transfer
6 Jul 2022 -- Xi Tian:
Structure-Aware 3D shape generation from texts
13 Jul 2022 Ketan Fatania :
Plug-and-Play Image Restoration with Deep Denoiser Prior
Yuchen Wu - Facial Landmark detection in Artistic Portraits
20 Jul 2022 - - --
27 Jul 2022 Ningchao Wang :
Generative Modeling by Estimating Gradients of the Data Distribution'
3 Aug 2022 Oscar Bryan :
Multimodal Few-Shot Learning with Frozen Language Models
Avery Huang - 'Forward and inverse D-Form modelling based on geometric optimisation'
10 Aug 2022 Jiong Tao:
Dynamic Graph CNN for Learning on Point Clouds(TOG 2019)
17 Aug 2022 Will Kerr :
Finding an Unsupervised Image Segmenter in Each of Your Deep Generative Models
George Fletcher -
'Going beyond homeomorphism in neural motion retargeting '
24 Aug 2022 -- --
31 Aug 2022 -Jundan Luo :
Consistent intrinsic image estimation
Jake Deane:
RGBT-Dog: Synthetic Labels for Animal Body Analysis
7 Sep 2022 Qi Zhang :
KinectFusion: Real-Time Dense Surface Mapping and Tracking
14 Sep 2022 (postponsed) Xiaochang Liu Joe Goodier
21 Sep 2022 (postponsed) Xi Tian Tina Zhou
28 Sep 2022 (postponsed) Yuchen Wu Ketan Fatania
5 Oct 2022 (postponsed) Alex Taylor Jack R. Saunders